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Welcome to KOLMAKO Group


Our company organizes any type of transport depending on the needs of our customers.

The transportation and safety of your goods is our responsibility, and your satisfaction is our success.


Transportation of ordinary (standard goods) by trucks - tarpaulins.

Transportation of goods that are subject to temperature regime in special types of trucks.

Transportation of goods by freezing and maintenance.

Transportation of textiles in special trucks (vans).

Transportation of all types of containers (20, 40 and 45) with trucks - platforms.

KOLMAKO GROUP is also engaged in the production and sale of personal protective equipment (HTP - hygienic technical protection)


Our company has been on the market for a long time with recognizable quality and comfortable protective equipment that creates a feeling of safety in every work.

We have a large assortment of high quality materials for the manufacture of various types of protective equipment.


Our products are characterized by top quality and comfort which provide safety and protection to the employee at work.

High quality work suits (logo printing, various fluorescent tapes - by the client's request)

Protective gloves

Signaling vests

Disposable overalls

Protective coats

Large offer of protective shoes and boots, head and body protectors, helmets, and other accessories for respiratory protection.


Our clients...